Our companyABOUT AR&T

AR&T HEAVY MACHINES TOOLS has been in business since 1982 founder by
the late Alex Chicio and is a leading retailer committed to becoming the most preferred and trusted supplier of industrial machinery. We are continually working to offer a affordable shopping experience, reliable product delivery, and we are trusted by our customer service.We offer thousands or products specializing in sawing machine equipment metal working,construction equipment, and farm equipment,trucks.etc For our farm section, we offer but old and new equipment on packaging and processing equipment, and harvesting equipment,same goes to other of our category of equipment.AR&T is an acronym for affordability,reliability and trusted,because that is the principle we stand on that make us stand out to other online heavy machine shopping site companies,over the years our term have be working tirelessly to maintain this our aforementioned principle which our customer all over the world can attest to.

Our mission is to offer our customers affordable,reliable and trusted heavy construction machine equipment,farming equipment, etc at competitive and affordable prices. We sell both old and new heavy equipment for noncommercial and commercial construction companies of all sizes. We carry all of the industry leading brands, including Caterpillar, John Deere, Volvo, Stanley, Manitou, Tadano, Ditch Witch, Wacker Neuson,volve and many more. Our advanced tested and reliable machine running at peak performance so our customers can stay on schedule and within their budget.

We pride ourselves on our round-the- clock, custom-tailored service. If our customers can’t find what they’re looking for within our existing inventory, we will source and supply the equipment for them. We also use state-of- the-art technology, as well as policies and procedures geared towards making the customer experience time efficient.

AR&T HEAVY MACHINE TOOLS has credit facilities already in place to immediately secure purchases for rental inventory demand. Essentially, if we don’t own it, we are not afraid to buy it. With over 20 years of experience, Plant & Equipment has been providing valuable marketing services for the heavy equipment, trucks industries. As the market evolves, we will continue to innovate and develop prized tools for global construction traders. Along with being one of the leading media houses in the heavy equipment and trucks industry, our pool of contacts, network, and resources are what set us apart from any other media enterprise in the Middle East and Africa.

The beginningsAR&T HISTORY


Humble beginnings

AR&T HEAVY MACHINE TOOLS was founded by alex Chicio as small outlet
that specialized
of buying fairly used Heavy Construction Machines from companies that wanted
to replace their Machines with new ones,which his group buy and service them and
resale to small companies who can not afford to buy the new ones,when
he and his group find out that they were making huge profit from the
business they shifted their profit to buying new ones from those
machines manufacturing companies and resale to companies that is need
then who cannot access those construction Machines manufacturing
companies,in affordable rate with high speed of delivery.

over the years Ar&t heavy machines tools has become on of the world
leading industrial and construction machines E-market where individual
and companies can
buy their fairly used machines or new ones, base on the wanting companies
financial stability


New headquarters

In 1995 there was a company restruction which give birth to a new name
called “Ar&t heavy machines tools” ,and establishment of company
headquaters in germany,aslo in 1995 to interest the media, which were
not interested in the company’s previous explanation about wanting to
create a “perfect market”

After AR&T HEAVY MACHINE COMPANY went public, both alex and Douglas
became instant billionaires. AR&T Heavy Machine Tools target share
price of $18 was all but ignored as the price went to $53.50 on the
first day of trading.

The Fuliz dispenser myth generated enormous amounts of publicity and
led to some of AR&T Heavy Machine Tools most explosive early growth
among Machine collectors. However, at the time,MacinesUsed were the
leader in the industrial machines category and the most difficult
brand to find in retail stores.MacinesUsed quickly became the dominant

When AR&T Heavy Machines Tools,discover they have to have an office
due to the customer demands they build their headquater where customer
can easily locate them with thier location,which they where at then.


Opening 5 new locations

As the company expanded product categories beyond collectibles into
almost any saleable item, business grew quickly. In 2010,AR&T Heavy
Machines Tools had 12 million registered users and a cyberinventory of
more than 4.5 million items on sale on any given day.In February 2010
the company purchased iBazar, a similar European auction web site
founded in 1998,and then bought PayPal on October 3, 2010

On december 2010 AR&T Heavy Machines Tools open new branch
loactions,one in USA,China,UK,South Affrica,india,canada


World wide coverage

By early 2017 the company had expanded worldwide,covering all over the
world on buyers delivery,and counting hundreds daily of registered
buyers as well as 15,000 employees and revenues of almost $2.1
billion. After nearly 35 years at AR&T Heavy Machines Tools, Chicio
decided to enter politics. On june 23, 2017, the company announced
that Chicio would step down on March 31, 2017, and John Leader was
selected to become president and CEO.Chicio remained on the board of
directors and continued to advise Leader through 2017, AR&T Heavy
Machines Tools now have offices in 70 countries around the world,and
their consignment delivery coverage is anywhere around the grobe, AR&T
Heavy Machines Tools belives in “As far you can buy,we can also