AR&T Heavy Machine Tools do not accept payment made via Money
Gram, Western Union, Ria and paypal etc.

Our only mode of payment in order to safeguard your transaction, is listed below


Note: that AR&T Heavy Machine Tools also accept part payment from those companies who are financially incapacitated, and also for those who are skeptical, three days after the recipient of you order you can pay us the remaining balance,but we do this to our newly customers, who are buying machine worth  ($100,000) one  hundred thousand dollar upward.

So if you are in this stated categories contact our sales department at or for more details.


As soon as you select your preferred machine you will want to buy and add it to your cart,choose our preferred payment option which is the bank/wire deposit,our company account number will be display to you,which you will make the payment to.

However note that before your proceed with the payment you will have to first confirm from our sales department for further instructions with the mail stated below,,

When you have successfully make your payment,notified the sales department with you payment details,at,which include your payment receipt,these will able us with the documentation and your consignment shipment arrangement,upon the reflection of your payment in our bank account,this policy is put in place in order to protect you, and protect us from any financial misconduct that may arise, and also in order to aid our smooth payment system ,shipment arrangement and invoice  documentation.

Note: any machine you order from our company, the shipment details will be given to you which include your tracking number,which will enable you monitor you delivery from your device.