Advanced Hospital Use Medical Anesthesia Surgical Equipment


Basic Info.

Model NO:9500
Anesthesia:Semi Open Suction
Type of Operating Light:Single Operating Light

Product Description

Classic electropneumatic ventilator, widely apply for adults, children and infants
• 8″ color LCD screen with cantilever type;
• High-precision five-tube flowmeters; nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia to ensure that the oxygen concentration is not less than 25%;
• With oxygen deficiency-no nitrous oxide supply fuction;
• For low -flow and micro-flow anesthesia need;
• Sophisticated monitoring of anesthesia respiratory parameters and alarm functions;
• Humanized interface, clearly shows the working state of the anesthesia machine, with a more comfortable operation feeling and visual sense;
•Electrical PEEP; dynamic TV compensation;
• Advanced gas-electric isolation system eliminates the oxygen enrichment;
• With standard large-capacity maintenance-free battery, the machine can work continuously for not less than 8 hours.
• Modular design reduces potential leaks, misconnections and detachments of tube;
• Classic rising bellows can monitor the patient’s breathing and detect leakproofness of circuit;
• Large- capacity CO2 absorption system;
• AGSS (optional) can effectively control pollution of anesthetic waste gas, clean surgical room, care for health of medical staff.


Physical&Environment Specification
Dimension(WxHxD) 970*920*1670   mm
Weight 95kg
Working temperature  +5ºC~+40ºC
Working humidity ≤80%
Storage temerature  -20ºC~+50ºC
Storage humidity ≤93%
Power supply
Main power 100-240V 50/60Hz
Battery not less 8 hours
Outlets 4 on back, 1.5A individual
Pneunatic Specification
Gas supply Air, O2, N2O
Flowmeter: O2 range 0-1L/min, 1-10 L/min
                   N2O range 0-1L/min, 1-10 L/min
                   Air range 0-1L/min, 1-10 L/min
                   Auxiliary O2 range 0-1L/min, 1-10 L/min
Gas system:Oxygen supply failure alarm Yes
                     N2O-cut-off system Yes
                     O2 flush 25-75L/min
ACGO optional
AGSS optional
Breathing system specification
Operation model Closed
CO2 Absorbed container 1.6L
APL range Adjustable
Material ABS
CO2 bypass Optional
Ventilator Specification
Driven mode pneumatically driven and electronically controlled
Patient type Adult Pediatric infant
Setting mode Button & encoder
Tidal volume 10-1500ml
Ventilation frequency 5-100 bpm
I:E ratio 2:1-1:8
Pressure(support) range(Only in PSV) NO
Pressure(inspired) range 1-60 cmH2O
PEEP OFF,       0.1-1.5Kpa
Tslope NO
Inspiratory plateau OFF, 0-60% Ti
Trigger sensitivity (Pressure)  -1  ~  -9cmH2O
Compensation Compliance and leakage compensation, fresh gas compensation, altitude compensation
Ventilator Monitoring
Display 8″ TFT
Pressure Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP
Gas O2 concentration, optional CO2
Graph display P-T, F-T, optional CO2-T
Alarm High tidal volume/Low tidal volume
High minute volume
Low minute volume
Sustained high airway pressure
High FiO2%/Low FiO2%
Low gas supply
Low battery
Oxygen battery off
Power faliure
Alarm slience:110S
Vaporizer Halothane,Enflurane,


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