DOPKE dragline


Year of manufacture:2015-02-02

Product description

Dear type E vacuum cleaners, issued DN 300, consisting of:
2 pontoons each 14 m long, with connection, bridge, railing and a cabin with a control desk;
1 Warman 12/10 F-G vacuum cleaner;
1 electric motor 250 kW, 1500 rpm, IP 55, with frequency converter;
1 V-belt transmission;
1 gasket pump with electric motor 7.5 kW;
1 5.5 jack electric jack suction pipe;
4 electric jacks each of 2.2 kW;
1 suction hose DN 350;
1 joint;
30 m pre-pontoons for 2-arm DN350 suction pipe;
1 water jet system 75 kW;
1 complete electrical system for the dear;


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