HY-Z69 Automatic Heat Transfer Paper Screen Printing Machine for Label Packing Printer Silk Screen Printer Machinery

Basic Info.
Model NO:HY-Z69
Max Printing Size:600X900mm
Printing Speed:900PCS/H
Warranty:One Year
Apply:Label, Heat Transfer Paper, Packing, Membrane Keypad
Repeated Positioning Accuracy:<0.02mm
Power Supply:3n-50Hz 380V 3kw
Air Source Pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
Overall Dimensions:(L2300xw1600xh1500)mm


The new model of the hinged semi-automatic screen printing machine realizes automatic feeding, automatic alignment, automatic printing and automatic screen printing of automatic reclaiming; Chinese human-machine interface is simple and easy to learn, which not only reduces labor intensity and For the technical requirements of the operator, the machine positioning replaces the manual to improve the printing stability; the automatic machine saves the labor advantage and the semi-automatic machine small batch flexibility; the original semi-automatic screen version is used to reduce the cost of replacement.
Printing speed of 900 sheets / hour, repeat positioning accuracy is less than 0.05mm
Fully automatic PLC and touch screen control operation is easy to learn, and can be equipped with tunnel dryer, UV light fixture, paper clip dryer,
Suitable for transfer paper, membrane switch, packaging, signage and other industries.

Printing technical parameters:

Model HY-Z57 HY-Z69
Max. Printing Size 500×700mm 600×900mm
Printing Speed 900pcs/h 900pcs/h
Max.Screen Frame Size 800×1000mm 900×1200
Print Thickness 0-1mm 0-1mm
Printing Table Size 690×812mm 790×1010mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy <0.02mm <0.02mm
Squeegee Skewness 0-30º 0-30º
Screen Vertical And Horizontal Adjustment ±5mm ±5mm
Power Supply 3N-50Hz 380V  3KW 3N-50Hz 380V  3KW
Air Source Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa 0.4-0.6MPa
Overall Dimensions L2000×W1500×H1600(mm) L2300×W1600×H1600(mm)
Weight 600kg 760kg


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